Five Bags of Gold (paperback)

Five Bags of Gold (paperback)


Kingdom Age Ministries presents….
Five Bags of Gold
“the Evolution of Christianity” vol.1
Welcome to the Kingdom Age


The answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries are “hidden in plain sight.” Five Bags of Gold is a brief chronicle of some of the deepest “revelations” that have been hidden in the Bible. This Bible-based book of “truth” serves as a reference point for the transition between the spiritual “ages.” Five Bags of Gold meets Christians and Atheists alike at the intersection of science and spirituality. Based on information revealed in this book, a deeper, more scientific knowledge and understanding of the Divine Creator may be achieved. Everything in this world changes and evolves at some point in time. Christianity is not exempt from change and thus, this book will play a significant role in that evolution. As the first book of the “Welcome to the Kingdom Age” series, this book educates Christians in regards to understanding the Bible, strengthening their faith, and forming a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. After reading this book, even the most marginal Christian will have the prescription for a life changing encounter with God and a new pathway to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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